Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Maintain Fitness

Belly Fat is something not really harmful if it’s present only in small amounts but fats that exceed more than the normal range are considered hazardous for the whole body.
Belly fat makes you look fat in real. Not that it’s a shame to look fat but you are actually unable to do a lot of things which you could do if you were lean like wearing those slim fit jeans or adjusting in the small car with your friends to enjoy a roadside picnic.

In context to the problem mentioned above, this article is shedding light on a few tips regarding lifestyle changes to lose belly fat.

Increase water intake

Water plays a huge role in the health of an individual. It is recommended that one should take at least 8 glasses or 2L of water a day to remain physically fit and active. Not only do we remain physically active y drinking water, but also it is beneficial for belly fat loss. This is because water makes our metabolism fast. Also, water makes us feel full, reducing the urge to eat more thereby cutting down the intake of calories. Our stomach sometimes confuses thirst with hunger so drinking water is a must to avoid this confusion. Water is also known for other health benefits like detoxification of toxins, regulating blood pressure, preventing stroke, etc.

Use Walk and Cycling as a means of mobility

Walking is a sort of aerobic exercise which is proven for significant weight loss in the belly area. Cycling also has similar therapeutic effects. It decomposes the fat especially in the thigh and waist area by boosting metabolism. One can modify his/her lifestyle by making walking and cycling an important part of life. To bring walking and cycling into your routine, you can use them as a means of mobility. Use your feet to walk to nearby shops or jogging parks, etc. For longer distances, cycling can be used as a means to travel and your belly fat is gone within days.

Quit smoking

Many among us are addicted to smoking since cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive and to set oneself free from this slavery of addiction is a challenge in itself. Smoking has not only effects on the heart and lungs but on belly fat as well. In fact, a study on cigarette smoking revealed that while smoking decreases the weight of the whole body, it pushes it more into the tummy making the belly look fat. Other than belly fat, no one is unaware of the effect of smoking on the lungs and heart. To lose belly fat, adopt a healthy lifestyle by giving up smoking.

Avoid Alcohol

According to research, it is proven that alcohol can cause deposits of fat in the belly area. The reason for this excess fat in the belly area by drinking alcohol is that our liver instead of breaking down the fats works on breaking alcohol. Another reason alcohol causes belly fat is the high number of calories, perhaps 150 calories a bear. Further, alcohol causes an increase in appetite, creating an urge to eat more due to the sugar it contains. Besides belly fat, alcohol has damaging effects on many vital organs including the brain and liver. So it is advisable to eliminate alcohol from the daily life routine and adopt healthy habits.

Modify Eating and drinking habits

Your eating habits like the eating timings, the intervals between each food intake as well as the quantity of food you eat each time play a huge role in determining your physique. To lose belly fat, you must modify your eating routines and habits.

  • The first and foremost rule to losing belly fat is never to skip breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast every day which should be mainly protein. Eating breakfast lets a person eat less throughout the day because he feels his stomach is full. Also, the protein in breakfast takes more calories to get digested helping further lose belly fat
  • Take small meals after frequent intervals. Taking small rather than big meals helps in reducing belly fat as every time you eat something be it big or small, your brain sends a signal to your stomach to burn calories to fuel the process of digestion
  • Avoid lying down immediately after eating a meal, especially a dinner. Research have shown a marked increase in belly fat among those who lay down immediately after eating dinner. It is recommended to do a walk for around 30 minutes after taking a meal
  • Lower down the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are sugars and they urge you to eat more and by doing so you put on belly fat. Make sure to cut them down
  • Consume soluble fiber. These fibers inhibit fatty liver enlargement, give the stomach feeling of being full, decrease absorption of calories in the blood and promote the health of GIT on the whole
  • Consume coffee and green tea. They both contain caffeine which boosts metabolism in the body, thereby reducing belly fat. Also, caffeine inhibits hunger. An antioxidant EGCG found in green tea helps in the breakdown of fat cells into fatty acids and removes them from the body
  • Do not consume sweetened beverages. They cause abnormal fat around the abdominal organs posing serious health threats to these organs due to the sugar they contain.
  • Consume apple cider vinegar diluted in water to enhance metabolism and cut down belly fat

Practice exercise and Yoga

Exercises of any kind play a very important role in shedding belly fat. Whether they are aerobic like swimming, and dancing, or anaerobic like muscle strengthening through resistance training, they boost metabolism in the body which is so essential to losing belly fat. Also, the muscle mass built by resistance training consumes calories even at rest, contributing to significant weight loss in the belly area and even the whole body. Yoga also does the same in addition to providing relaxation, it targets belly fat loss. Hence, to lose belly fat, consider making exercise and yoga a part of your daily routine.

To have significant belly fat loss, a change in attitude towards daily living or more appropriately saying, a modification in lifestyle is the key. Above are some very useful lifestyle modification tips. Adopt them as per your endurance and see the wonders within weeks or even days.


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