Natural Ways to Lose Belly Fat and Remain Healthy

Belly fat can be quite challenging for many of us not only because it makes us look obese and not so trendy since we can’t put on those slim fit dresses but it can lead to many health-related issues like heart diseases, type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, stroke, etc as well!
Belly fat is of three types, triglycerides, visceral fat, and abdominal fat. Out of these three, visceral fat is the most dangerous one as it surrounds the organs of the abdomen and can pose harmful effects on the organs being surrounded.

But no worries now, because here in this blog post I will share with you some really really useful natural tips that will not only cut down your belly fat really fast but will let you enjoy safe and sound health as well.

Reduce stress

Stress and anxiety trigger the adrenal gland in our body which produces a hormone, cortisol also called the stress hormone. Cortisol is responsible for an increase in weight and also belly fat because it increases the appetite by increasing the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. This appetite is then likely to be fulfilled with sweet, fatty, and salty food which has a lot of calories and causes you to put on abnormal belly fat. Stress is responsible for other health-related issues like fatigue, depression, type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, high blood pressure, and immunodeficiency syndrome.
To reduce stress and belly fat adopt a habit of healthy activities like yoga and meditation and exercises like deep breathing and deep pressure stimulation.

Avoid Alcohol

Reportedly, alcohol consumption especially in the form of beer is also a factor responsible for fat around the waist, the so-called belly fat. Alcohol contains a lot of calories, the reason being the sugar it contains. Also, alcohol causes an increase in appetite, and one puts on more belly fat by consuming more calories. A study on alcohol consumption and obesity also suggests that alcohol consumption causes a delay in the fat breakdown by interfering with metabolism where the body’s metabolic system prioritizes alcohol breakdown over fat breakdown causing an increase in belly fat. Therefore to slow down weight gain in the belly area, one should consider giving up drinking habits. Or if not giving up, it should be limited to only a few drinks per week.

Take Good Sleep

Your sleeping pattern is directly associated with your general health as well as weight. Sleeping less than the prescribed hours of sleep causes an increase in calorie intake and a significant increase in visceral belly fat. Visceral belly fat which surrounds the abdominal organs is the most dangerous one and sleep apnea, a condition in which your breathing intermittently stops, puts you at risk of developing this fat. Women are more prone to taking less sleep, most probably due to their role in real life. So it is advisable, especially for women, to have a good quality sleep of around 8 hours in order to get rid of or in the first place not to gain belly fat.

Cut down carbs and increase protein in the diet

Carbohydrates are actually sugars that are responsible for fat deposits in the belly area. Not only do the carbohydrates deposit fat in the body by lowering metabolism but they also increase appetite by making the stomach feel empty and a craving for more food, especially sweet one. On the other hand, a diet rich in proteins increases the rate of metabolism since more calories are required to digest proteins. Also, proteins give the stomach a sense of fullness thereby decreasing appetite. So one should cut down carbohydrates from the diet and increase protein in the diet most specifically in the breakfast like protein shakes.

Make Probiotics a part of the Routine

Probiotics are actually bacteria that are found in certain types of foods and even in some tonics. Probiotics play a very significant role in maintaining the health of your gut. The probiotics containing bacteria of the Lactobacillus family are found to reduce belly fat by reducing the amount of hormone that triggers appetite. Not only do they inhibit appetite but also lower the absorption of fat from the food and excrete excess fat into the feces. Also, the probiotics regulate fat storage by converting fat into fatty acids to reduce the risk of obesity. Probiotics have other health benefits as well like insulin resistance. So make sure to add food containing probiotics or probiotic supplements to your regular diet.

Avoid sugar consumption in any form

Sugar in any form be it in beverages or in the food causes the deposition of fat in the whole body, especially in the belly area. Whenever you consume solids or liquids containing high content of your sugar, you are more likely to eat and drink more. This is because these sugar-filled items increase your appetite and cravings. Therefore, one should avoid taking sugar-filled beverages and solids like coffee, tea, fruit punches, fruit juices, soda, cakes, sweetened chocolates, etc.

Practice Exercises in routine

Exercises of any kind like simple cardio exercises, muscle strengthening exercises, and endurance training can help in weight loss in the belly area. Walking, cycling, dancing, etc, have shown proven effects on metabolism breaking down the stored visceral fat in the body into fatty acids. Muscle-strengthening by resistance training exercises also helps reduce belly fat as more muscles that are built up consume more fat cells to release energy not only when they are actively working but also when they are asleep. Some examples of resistance training exercises include adding weights and burpees.

The exercises have a great impact on health in general as well besides reducing belly fat as they help prevent heart diseases, stroke, and cancer, and maintain blood pressure and body temperature. So one should develop a habit of adopting healthy exercises and in fact, should make simple exercises a part of his/ her routine to maintain a flat belly and good general health.

Having to lose belly fat or maintain a flat belly is a difficult task that requires patience and endurance. To achieve the desired shape of your body, no one but only you can incorporate healthy habits that are natural in your daily routine.


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