Types of Belly Fat in Women and its cause

Belly fat is the reason women spend insomniac nights and a woman can’t settle unless she has the feeling stuck in her mind that there is abnormal belly fat in her abdomen.
If this is the case, then have you tried it, by all means, to get rid of that stubborn belly fat and failed all the time? This is because you don’t know the origin and causes of belly fat.

Before getting down to do hundreds of crunches in a day, it would be prudent to find out the kind of belly fat you have and also employ the right kind of strategy to get rid of that.
So, without further delay, let’s take a look at different types of belly fat and how to melt it all down.

Mommy’s belly:

Also known as the apron belly, it is a soft layer of fat that falls below the belly button and is the most common hallmark of women post-delivery. It can also be due to a condition called diastasis recti i.e separation of rectus abdominis muscle. Because of the way it looks, it is called a mommy’s tummy. Other names for mommy’s belly are Apron belly, The Mother’s apron, Hanging belly, and Mommy overhang

Hormonal Belly:

This type of belly fat in women is characterized by a cushion-like feeling on both sides. There are times when extra fat around the belly area is because by the hormones. Hormones help us regulate bodily functions like metabolism, hunger, stress, and sex drive. If a person has a deficiency in certain hormones it may result in weight gain around the abdomen, which is known as a hormonal belly. Insulin resistance and chronic stress are the reasons that flattening belly fat becomes a problem. Estrogen imbalance in perimenopausal women can also pack a lot of pounds in the tummy area. Women should eat a healthy diet like avocados, fish, and nuts, avoid fatty foods, sleep for 7 hours or more, cut down on sugar and find ways to de-stress to get rid of it.

Bloated and Distended Belly:

Belly bloat is usually temporary and is probably due to gas in the belly causing the stomach to look flattened in the morning and bulging out in the afternoon. Bloated belly in women causes them to feel uncomfortable. Belly bloating or distention occurs when your brain reacts to the sensation of being bloated. It moves your diaphragm down and your stomach relaxes thus appearing bloated.
The most common causes of bloating include high-fiber foods like beans, dairy products, overeating, consuming too much salt, and chewing gum. One should drink more water, cut down on salt intake, do aerobic (cardio) exercises and take good sleep.

Stress belly:

We all experience stress from time to time. But prolonged stress can lead to several health issues, including mental and physical. One of the most common things stress leads to is abdominal fat. Women tend to be stressed more which causes an increase in Cortisol levels resulting in obesity. The stress belly in women can be seen in the front of the abdomen and navel area. The stress belly is harder to touch. Women should avoid taking stress as a first regimen. Other practices include yoga, meditation, a good sleep, a diet rich in magnesium, and abstinence from food containing caffeine.

Subcutaneous Fat:

one of the easiest fat to get rid of, subcutaneous fat is the one a woman feels if she pinches excess skin and tissue around her middle. This belly fat is visible in your lower body area and from a health perspective, this fat is generally not dangerous. All you have to do is a lifestyle change, exercise more and stress less.

Soft belly Fat:

This one is quite common, also called low belly fat. It’s found under your skin. Meanwhile, visceral belly fat surrounds the organs in your abdominal cavity and is strongly linked to an increased risk of many diseases including heart disease and cancer. The major cause of soft belly fat in women is wrong dietary practices. But stop worrying now, moderate exercise and following a good diet can make a difference

Fatty Belly due to Visceral Abdominal Fat:

This belly fat in women is also known as ‘hidden fat ‘, as the fat deposits are stored deep inside the belly, wrapped around the organs, including the liver and intestine. Visceral belly fat counts for about one-tenth of body fat in the body. Not only is it belly fat but a risk factor causing type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, heart disease, and certain cancers as well. To cut down belly fat due to visceral abdominal fat, all you have to do is to engage in cardio exercise, drink more water and modify your diet by lowering the carbs and increasing the protein diet. Also,

Spare tyre Belly Fat:

Also known as muffin top, and punctured tyre belly fat in women, it’s nothing but extra fat deposits around the abdominal area. It is tough to get rid of and comes as a result of too much sugar and an unhealthy diet which you unchecked irrespective of how many calories it contains. To get rid of this belly fat, all you need to do is make your heart pump more and more by doing cardio exercises so that it increases the rate of metabolism.

Alcohol Belly:

If you drink a lot of alcohol you can have a belly that is hard and big. The abnormal size of the belly is due to the rich calories in alcohol. Also, the alcohol belly makes you feel bloated
Your task is to limit alcohol consumption of beer, wine, and whiskey and eat more fruits and vegetables

Now that I have given you a brief outline of all the belly fats, it’s your turn to kick out that flabby belly, in ways that will not only target your belly fat but also will implement benefits on your health overall! Off you go to turn your dreams into reality!


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